3 Ways To Avoid Bad Transcriptions

While it’s not something we recommend, there may have been one time or another where you’ve watched a film that you obtained through less-reputable sources—and it may have had some pretty bad subtitles.

Screen capture from Spiderman 3

Now, it’s probably not a surprise that a $5 film you bought off the streets of Taipei may have had poorly translated subtitles, but does being on the home-front really make a difference?

Unfortunately, in many cases, it doesn’t. The truth is, when you’re looking for quality transcription services, you have to do your due-diligence in finding a company that works for you. And that could mean a number of things, but specifically, it should fall in line with these simple ways to avoid bad transcriptions.

Review and Reject

Simply put, you have to stand up for yourself against bad transcriptions. People will promise fast turnaround times, and they’ll certainly deliver—but it can sometimes come at the cost of shoddy workmanship. Obviously, you don’t have to put up with bad work, just because they “fulfilled” their promise of speed.

The easiest fix for this is to make sure that before you ever even send over a file to be transcribed, you outline how many errors are tolerable to pay someone. Then you make sure that you back yourself up. Take the time to watch the file once beforehand, and send it back if it doesn’t meet your prerequisites.

Use Humans

Now you may not have time to send it back if you’re on a short deadline—which is why so many get away with promising quick times and then not delivering on quality transcriptions. They can sacrifice your service next time, because so many people are coming to them in a rush.

So if you’re crunched for time, and you don’t want to take a gamble on using a company that won’t give you the quality you need, then one of the first pre-screening tests you can give a company is if they use humans or not.

How many times have you used your smartphone’s personal assistant and asked them to give you directions to “ 6 Spooner Street” and it’s come back, “I’m sorry, I cannot find anything matching “The sick spoon and sheet.”

The problem with the technology of tomorrow is that it’s still today, and the only way you’re guaranteed to get an accurate translation is if your transcription company has the best software and your file has perfect sound quality. And even then, accents, colloquialism and more simply don’t translate.

Ask For Samples

At the end of the day, you may not feel comfortable going on such a wild goose chase for all of the right qualifications, and you may really only be able to afford what certain services are offering. In that case, our best advice is just to ask for some samples of their work: it’s not hard to see when a company does or does not do a good job transcribing an audio clip, just by looking at it yourself.

This is should give you all the insight you need into not getting cheated out of your money when looking for a quick transcription.

So wherever you go, just remember that the power to get a good transcription is in your hands, all you need to do is ask.

Here’s How Not To Lose 65% of Your Visitors!

Are you a visual learner? Approximately 65% of people are. Visual learners prefer to learn (and learn best) by reading text and looking at visual images such as graphics and charts. Within the population of visual learners, there are people who prefer reading over all other methods of getting information. Visual learners can have difficulty following speeches or lectures, and they recall information better when they can read it silently as opposed to hearing it.

What does this mean for your website? In order to reach 100% of your visitors, you need to provide them with video transcriptions of 100% of your videos.

Videos capture people’s attention and interest. Videos are also great for appealing to auditory and kinesthetic learners. Approximately 30% of people are auditory learners, and about 5% of the population are kinesthetic learners. Auditory learners enjoy videos, recorded presentations, and podcasts, since they can take in the information by listening to it. Kinesthetic learners learn through touch, movement, and physical interaction, and they also respond to seeing other people in action on videos. You can also reach visual learners through your videos by including slides with text, charts, and illustrations.

However, in order to make your video more accessible to all of your visitors and to successfully reach the 65% of people who are visual learners, you need to provide video transcriptions.

In addition to being visual learners, many people simply prefer to read information rather than watching it. A lot of people are busy and in a rush, and they may just have a minute or two to skim the information on your site. These people prefer to glance at a video transcription, scan it for keywords that are valuable to them, and read more if the topic piques their interest. You just have minutes (or seconds) to reach those people. You need to grab their interest and keep them on your site with written information that they can look at and digest quickly, before they lose interest and leave.

Including videos on your website is a great way to engage your visitors and grab their interest. Adding video transcriptions is essential for reaching and retaining all the visitors that video alone can’t keep. Don’t lose your visitors who would rather read the information you have for them than watch it or listen to it. Give them another way to get that information: transcriptions!

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3 Reasons to Get Your Corporate Meeting Transcribed


3 Reasons to Get Your Corporate Meeting Transcribed by Speechpad
Ah, yes, the corporate meeting. You hold one at least once a month with the other leadership members to make sure the company’s running as it should be, and you probably hold other meetings here and there throughout the month, as well. You make sure to take note, and you may already be in the habit of recording your meetings, either visually or digitally (or both), but do you also get your meetings transcribed afterwards?

If not, you need to! Here are three reasons why you should consider getting a transcription service to type out those meetings you’re holding.

1. It takes the pressure and hassle off you and your team, leaving you with more time to focus on other business matters.

Now you may think it’s easy for your secretary, receptionist, or assistant to find time for transcribing your meetings, but it’s not. Part of the reason you’re so busy is because they’re behind the scenes setting up all that busyness for you — they don’t have time either. And really, giving that job to anyone in your company is really just a waste of time and resources when a transcription service could do it for you.

2. It provides another format for future review.

Not everyone likes to listen to audio or watch video of meetings (you sat through it before once, so do you really need to do it all over again?). In fact, some of your employees or colleagues who may have missed the meeting or need to review its proceedings would probably prefer to read it instead of watch/listen to it. Getting your meetings transcribed only makes sense in these cases.

3. It makes it easier to find information.

In addition to some employees wanting to review the meeting as a typed format, there’s another benefit to this format. Getting your meetings written down by a transcription service ensures that you can open the document later and scan through it to find exact information you need (or even use the document’s search function to pinpoint it exactly). You can also literally copy and paste whatever you needDigital recordings are all well and good, but a lot of times you have to remember exactly when someone talked about the information you need, and hope you stop scrolling through the recording at the right moment to catch it. You don’t have to worry about this when you have transcribed meetings.

Getting a transcription service to type up your meetings is a smart move for more than just these reasons, but hopefully you’ve started to see why it’s beneficial overall. So the next time you go to a meeting, make sure you’ve got plans for getting it transcribed.


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